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At Salerno’s Rosedale Chapel, we are dedicated to meeting with the best of our ability the needs of every single family we serve, regardless of their wishes and situation. We understand the importance of funerals, and we want the services to reflect the life of the deceased. We help families create truly special and memorable services that celebrate a life that has been lived.

Some people may ask: Why are funerals important? Funerals, present in every society in history, allow us to begin the grieving process and recognize the finality of death. Funeral services today allow family, friends, and community to gather in support and encouragement for those who have lost a loved one. As a full-service funeral home, we offer a number of choices for our families. These include:

Traditional Funeral

Cremation Services

Graveside Service


Immediate Burial

Military Services

Touch Screen Registry


Special services are created through personalization; by adding personal touches to services, families can make arrangements that are a reflection of the individual. We now offer a brand new personalization section in our selection room that allows the family to adapt a casket to meet the personality of their loved one – this option is provided to our families at no extra cost. Families even have the option to have cap panels inserted into the lids of the caskets, as well as interchangeable corners with various designs that can be used to further personalize the services so that they better reflect the life of the individual.

These are only a few of the services that we offer, and we encourage you to contact us at (630) 889-1700 should you have any questions.