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Cremation Services and Options 

CremationWhen families choose cremation, it does not limit the funeral service options available to the survivors. Understanding that interest in cremation is rising, Salerno’s Funeral Home can walk you through the options available to you.

Cremation with Traditional Viewing Package (Visitation Prior to Cremation)

This type of service contains all of the elements of a traditional funeral, except that the remains are cremated before final disposition. We will not make you purchase a casket for this service, we offer a rental casket  that is used for the visitation at the funeral home and then the body may be taken to church for services the following morning. Following the ceremonies, the cremation  is performed and the cremated remains are available for the family to bury, entomb, or keep as the wish.

Memorial Package (Ceremony After the Cremation)

Many who choose cremation do so to forgo the traditional aspects of a full body viewing but still want either a personal ceremonial gathering or religious tribute.  Our memorial videos will assist in making this a gathering personalized to the deceased.

Immediate Cremation (Direct Cremation)

We take care of bringing the deceased into our care, and coordinating the cremation. The ashes are  returned to the family  in a cherry stained urn at no additional cost to the family.

Salerno’s Rosedale Chapels offers a beautiful urn display

Some families choose to purchase flowers to adorn the urn (as shown) while others may choose to surround the urn with photographs, memento’s or a combination of all.

Urn Store