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Graveside Service

Graveside ServiceA graveside service or also known as a “direct burial” is a simpler, often smaller funeral that is held at the graveside as opposed to in a chapel. Selected by family’s who are looking for dignified simplicity and wish to celebrate a traditional interment at a cemetery without any visitation or funeral service. Simply put a graveside service combines the ceremony of a traditional church service with the burial location, which offers flexibility when timing and duration of the service is a consideration.


A graveside service provides an intimate final farewell

Often family’s will observe a committal services at the place of final interment (graveside or mausoleum). This may be as traditional as desired, with a clergy person at the cemetery, or as untraditional as desired, with the family and/or friends leading the service.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about a Graveside Service, please contact Rosedale Chapel at (630) 889-1700.